Practicing spelling (and reading) is always more engaging and effective when you’re moving, touching and feeling. Experts call this multisensory but the rest of us just know it’s more fun!

Here are some ways to make learning multisensory:

  • Use playdough (purchased or bought) or even cookie dough to shape letters and name sounds.
  • Sidewalk chalk and a large expanse of pavement (parking lots) are a great way to practice spelling.
  • A garden hose can be used to trace letters using the large muscles in your arms. Practice writing words in the air and have someone guess the word as they watch you move your arms (and cool off at the same time!)
  • Letter tiles from a scrabble game or bananagrams can be moved around on a table to spell words. Try a version of Jumble by mixing up letters of a word and having your children put them in order to spell the word. Try grabbing a handful of letters and seeing how many words you can make.
  • Use magnetic letters on a refrigerator door or a metal cookie sheet. This is a great activity to keep kids busy on a long car ride.
  • Erasable whiteboards of any size make writing fun and creative. Who can resist a brand-new pack of colorful markers reserved specifically for this purpose? Allow for a couple of extra minutes of drawing as a treat after practice.