Speech and Language Pathology


  • Specialize in social skills groups for elementary and middle school age students

  • Train teachers and teaching assistants to teach phonological awareness to nursery and kindergarten students

  • Provide speech and language therapy to students

  • Apply remedial writing programs for elementary and middle school age students


Molly was a typical third grader in every way.  She enjoyed playing with friends, reading and art. Mrs. Oliver, Molly’s teacher, met with her parents at first quarter conferences. “Molly is doing so well in class…it’s just such a shame that she doesn’t participate as much as she could” Molly’s parents couldn’t understand why Molly was reluctant to speak up in class. When they asked her, Molly said, “I have trouble with the /r/ sound and every time I want to say something I remember that I’m going to sound like a baby, so I don’t raise my hand.” Molly’s parents knew they had to do something immediately so upon the recommendation of the school psychologist they contacted SHEMESH. The SHEMESH speech pathologist conducted an informal assessment and recommended speech therapy once weekly. Molly started speech therapy last month and is super motivated. She still needs a lot of practice, but she knows that pretty soon, she’s going to sound just like her peers!

“The confidence that they develop in their work sessions with [the SHEMESH specialist] is priceless.”


“The extra support for my students with difficulties is very important academically and emotionally.”