• Helping each child fulfill his or her potential

  • Nurturing the individual capabilities of each child

  • Valuing the education of each and every Jewish child

  • Evaluating the special education needs of each child

SHEMESH serves as a community-wide program in Baltimore

providing the educational support necessary for Jewish children with learning differences

to reach their full intellectual, academic, emotional and social potential in a Jewish setting.

Services are offered in each school in accordance with the school’s educational and religious policies.

School Services

- Advocacy for Students
- Day School Learning Centers
- Early Childhood Intervention
- On-Site Special Educators
- Case Management

Student Services

- Reading Intervention
- Social Skills Development
- Executive Function Coaching
- Speech and Language Therapy & Consultation
- Behavioral Interventions
- Facilitation of Inclusion into Day Schools

Professional Development

- Training for General and Special Educators
- Teacher coaching and mentoring
- Parent Support Groups
- Community-wide Disability Education

  • Students

    The SHEMESH staff works closely with school administration and other professionals to create a Student Support Team that endeavors to meet the diverse needs of all day school students.

  • Parents

    SHEMESH helps parents navigate the world of learning disabilties, providing information and direction for resources and strategies.

  • Professionals

    SHEMESH has become the go-to resource for teachers and professionals in the Baltimore community. Check out the resource section for links to articles, webinars and recommended books.

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