Your first step should be to communicate directly with your child’s classroom teacher. If the difficulty persists and your child attends a SHEMESH partner school then you should be in touch with the school’s On-Site Special Educator (OSE). The OSE is the individual who coordinates the school’s student support team, conducts classroom observations and collects data regarding a student’s behavior and academic performance. Once this information is available, the team will arrange a meeting to determine a course of action.

Parents are invited to be a part of the team and to attend the meeting. Depending on the outcome of this meeting, students may be referred for further testing. Once testing is conducted and reviewed your child will be assigned to a tier of service (see below for more information regarding tier of service: How does the school determine what services my child needs? ) If your child already has a documented disability a Learning Center teacher may be assigned to work with your child. The Learning Center teacher works closely with the classroom teacher and the parents and provides quarterly progress reports in writing.