Child Find is a special education service provided by the public school system for identifying from ages three through twenty-one who are suspected of having an educational disability and who may be eligible for special education and related services. The Child Find program is particularly important because children with disabilities can benefit greatly from early intervention and other related services. Child Find is a program that even parentally placed private school children are eligible for. If you believe that your child would benefit from Child Find contact your school’s preschool director or On-Site Special Educator for a referral form (locally known as the PEN form). Once the form is submitted, you should receive a notice for an initial meeting at your local public school. Bring any data, school reports and anecdotal records you have to support your intention to get testing. Being accompanied by a parent advocate can be very helpful. The parent advocate is an individual who has experience with the Child Find process and can help you with information, skills, and tools to help you navigate the system with ease. Maryland SNAP is a program that provides parent advocacy at no cost available through the Center for Jewish Education. Contact Martha Goodman at 410-535-5012 for more information about MD SNAP.