What do your activities for SHEMESH look like now? 

I am doing 30-minute individual tutoring sessions with my students & I so enjoy the connections I have formed with each of them. We have fun while learning using educational games that address each phonics skill. We review sight words and practice phonemic awareness skills using the whiteboard on Zoom. 

What tips do you have for parents to help support their children’s early literacy or reading skills over the summer? 

  • Read with your child every day. Take turns reading or read to them.  
  • Keep a summer journal and have them write a sentence the best they can. Don’t worry about spelling or punctuation, let them free-write and draw a picture.  
  • Help them to develop a love for reading. Set aside a time to read alone a couple days a week and let them see you reading.  
  • Books on tape are great. Listen together and ask questions. 
  • Most importantly, make reading and learning fun!! Throw plastic letters in the pool and have your child dive for them, play tic tac toe with letters, use hands-on multisensory games for the little ones