What’s your role with SHEMESH?

I supervise the Learning Center teachers at Bais Yaakov, who are all special educators. We work together to serve students who attend Bais Yaakov but need educational support and skills. I also work with classroom teachers to help them understand the needs of children with learning disabilities and provide ideas, observations, and assessments. I collaborate with administrators and school counselors to help all students and address their needs.

How has your role changed during covid 19?

I have found myself supporting more parents in helping their own children both at home and in school.

What do you want parents to know now?

It’s okay for children to be challenged by this pandemic. Acknowledge your child’s feelings, be positive, and encourage open conversation about whatever it is he/she may be feeling. Have conversations about how school is different and help them manage these new expectations.

Any suggestions for parents with regard to online learning?

I think it’s wonderful for parents to have an opportunity to observe their children’s learning, especially when they are working with their Learning Center teachers (but just be a quiet observer). Also, allow your child to take breaks throughout the day, and don’t overload the learning; it could backfire.