What’s your role with SHEMESH?

I provide consultation to administrators and teachers, helping with classroom wide positive behavior and individual students’ needs. I also try to support the parents of children who are struggling in the school system.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned during this time homeschooling your own children?  

I have learned how much children benefit from being with their parents! Time, love, and connection from a parent can be more healing than many hours of professional help.

What do you want parents to know?

As we start the first week back to school and hopefully return to “normal” life, take a moment to think about what your family can hold onto from quarantine days. Was there anything that you or your children benefited from that can become a part of your family lifestyle even when you’re all back to work and school?

One last message:

For those of you who are desperate to have your children out of the house and back to a school routine, enjoy your well-deserved break! And for those of you who are wishing you could hold on to just a few more hours of having the kids around, enjoy your last licks! (Most of us fit into both of those categories at different times of the day!)