What’s your role with SHEMESH?

I am responsible for teaching children with language-based learning differences who require an approach to reading instruction tailored to their needs.

What kind of reading instruction do you provide?

I follow an Orton-Gillingham approach. It is a multisensory, explicit, structured and sequential reading program. I plan and create lessons that engage the students and make learning to read fun.

What is your favorite part of working for SHEMESH?

Working with my students and seeing their skills develop! I love seeing them smile when they achieve a goal that initially seemed difficult. I enjoy seeing their excitement and confidence grow as their reading skills become stronger.

Summer Tips?

  • Create your own books. Choose a topic and write a story. Use only illustrations or only words or a combination.
  • Play brainstorming games with your child. Brainstorming is a good skill for organizing, staying on topic, generating ideas and promoting thinking.
  • Read to your child each day (or night). Talk about the story and pictures.