What’s your role with SHEMESH? 

Providing consultative support to teachers, administrators, and parents, and supporting our schools, teachers, families, and children any way I can.  

How have your activities for SHEMESH changed since COVID-19 closed schools? 

I am providing early literacy support, social skills lessons, speech-language therapy services, and parent support remotely. 

What practical suggestions do you have for parents with Children at home? 

  • Have lots of snacks on-hand. Being home means your children are non-stop eating machines. Snacks can also gain you a short break. 
  • Plan your week ahead of time. I always look up my kids’ schedules and print and organize all the papers they will need for the week on Sunday. 
  • Invest in new activities that will expand your children’s world while hopefully giving you some much needed down-time. These do not need to be expensive. Ideas include walkie talkies, tee-ball set, pop-up tent, some highly rated kids’ card games, and a build-your-own toy car set.