What’s your role with SHEMESH?

It’s my privilege to lead our extraordinary staff, maintain communication and the flow of information within SHEMESH. In addition, I manage SHEMESH relationships with our partner schools, write grants for funds from foundations, represent SHEMESH on the federal, state and local levels, raise funds to continues our services, present the SHEMESH story to lay leaders and professional groups and work to help as many children as possible get the services and support they need.

How have your activities for SHEMESH changed since COVID-19 closed schools?

Not only schools closed!  Businesses, offices and individual homes closed. Everything is now online or on Zoom, with no in-person meetings. We have to work harder and smarter to accomplish our goals.

What do you want parents to know?

We are working harder than we thought possible to keep your children – OUR children – up to par. We know it’s been a struggle and will remain a struggle; WE ARE HERE TO HELP!!!