Does my child have a reading problem?

This is a question parents often have when their child is falling behind in class – be it nursery or in any other grade. There are a few sites that have very good information for parents to go to to determine if there may be a reading problem.

  1. This fact page may help answer some of your questions. It gives specific things to look for at all ages. If your child demonstrates some of these – I call them red flags, it does not mean it is dyslexia. However it suggests that one should be vigilant in speaking to the teacher and the reading specialist in the school to make sure your child’s needs are being met.*1f7p2j0*domain_userid*YW1wLXJLVWsxVmZNTVpuNWgyak1wenQwLXc.
  2. I like the University of Michigan site because it is quite comprehensive. The page I have linked to includes the characteristics to look for if you suspect a problem.  A parent can peruse more and learn more about testing etc.
  3. Here is a similar page from the Shaywitz site.
  4. This one is from I like it because it talks about 4 specific things to look for in preschoolers.*zbk0pn*domain_userid*YW1wLXJLVWsxVmZNTVpuNWgyak1wenQwLXc.
  5. Finally, I think I like this one best, also from*1f7p2j0*domain_userid*YW1wLXJLVWsxVmZNTVpuNWgyak1wenQwLXc.

Shared by Debbie Logue, SHEMESH Reading Specialist