Sarah Ottensoser, SHEMESH Executive Function Coach, developed some preparation resources for some of her students and wants to share them with anyone who could benefit from them. Sarah is also available to provide direct executive function coaching services at the subsidized SHEMESH rate.

A note from Sarah:

Hi! I just want to make sure everyone is set up with a schedule/system that works for you and your child to facilitate preparation for learning at home. If you have a system that is currently working – great! – disregard the attached files. If your current system is not optimal (or you don’t have a system at all), feel free to utilize the attached ones. The Excel file Distance Learning Schedule Template is a chart where you can fill in the subjects, times, and phone or Zoom numbers (just substitute the info, what’s already filled in is just an example). The Word document Distance Learning Materials Needed Template is a materials form so your child is ready for class with the appropriate supplies and books. These are just ideas… If you have a large dry erase board, you can create a template on that and erase and fill it in daily. You can also print these papers, slip them into clear plastic sheet protectors and write on those with dry erase markers.

In addition, I’m including a Word schedule option Word Sample Schedule and a couple of picture schedule options Sample Picture Schedule Sample Picture Schedule- Morning Sample Picture Schedule- Afternoon

Please reach out to if you need any additional support – I’m here to help!