Our Stories


“Since kindergarten, we have had challenges with Shlomo*. At first, the teacher thought he would be one of the very advanced students because he had excellent verbal skills. However, he had a great deal of difficulty paying attention and completing tasks. As Shlomo got older, these difficulties became overwhelming. It was beyond me why Shlomo couldn’t remember his notebook for class, why he never seemed to complete a task in a timely manner or why his friends never seemed to invite him over,” said Mrs. Katz.

The family sought the help of SHEMESH. The SHEMESH experts discovered Shlomo has executive functioning issues and noted his difficulty in a social environment. An Executive Function Coach conducted an extensive evaluation and created a customized plan for intervention. He joined one of SHEMESH’s innovative social skills groups for six weeks, where he learned how to interpret social cues, respond appropriately and form meaningful friendships.

“My son is a different boy today than he was two years ago,” said Mrs. Katz. “We had labeled him unmotivated and disorganized. Our home was filled with constant arguments. Now I know that he just needed help. SHEMESH has brought back our family’s shalom bayis and given our son a chance for success.”


“Rebecca* had such serious learning difficulties, all I could do was hope with all my heart that one day there would be a way to help her learn,” says Mrs. Green. This year, the Greens were able to enroll Rebecca in the new SHEMESH small classroom for children with learning differences who require a full day of intensive strategic instruction. She’s already integrated into davening, lunch and specials like art and gym. Rebecca is well on her way to learning to read, write and do basic math. The family and teachers expect Rebecca to be ready for the mainstream classroom in the next two years, with support from the SHEMESH Learning Center.

Says Mrs. Green, “We wanted very much to keep Rebecca in a Jewish environment. SHEMESH services have made all the difference in the world – for Rebecca and, of course, for our entire family. We are so grateful.”


“Excellent, excellent, excellent!  One of the best speakers I have heard in a long time.  Thank you!”

Education Professional

“This was a great presentation!  Very engaging and really got me thinking!”

Education Professional

“With their warm and caring attitude, SHEMESH  supported and guided me when I moved to a new community and started a new job as a Learning Center teacher.  This allowed me to grow and develop to become the best educator that I can be.  Whether to brainstorm ideas or to provide new insights, they are there for me.”