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Being Prepared for Learning at Home

Sarah Ottensoser, SHEMESH Executive Function Coach, developed some preparation resources for some of her students and wants to share them with anyone who could benefit from them. Sarah is also available to provide direct executive function coaching services at the subsidized SHEMESH rate.


SHEMESH is pleased to announce that it has recently partnered with an organization called PAX to bring a program called The Good Behavior Game to our local day schools. The PAX Good Behavior Game® is a powerful evidence-based practice, consisting of proven instructional and behavioral he…

5 Tips for Developing a Good Relationship with your Child’s Teachers

By Chumi Millman, SHEMESH Special Education and Support Consultant

As a parent, I am thinking about how I can foster a good relationship with my children’s teachers now that a new school year has begun. I thought I would find an online resource to help myself and also post it on the SHEME…

We're Here to Take Your Calls!

Take advantage of the SHEMESH Parent Hotline this summer!  The hotline is open to parents of children through Elementary school.  Please feel free to take advantage of this opportunity to speak with our experts about parenting and education questions and concerns.

SHEMESH's Mrs. Norris Shares Her Favorite Summer Reading Resources

Here are some of my favorite summer reading resources for parents: provides free resources/activities for parents to help their children with prereading and reading.

I also recommend to parents of students in Grades 2 and up for practicing fluency and…