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A Look Back at SHEMESH's Harmony at Home Event

When 300 people from all segments of the Baltimore community choose to spend an evening at a lecture, it’s clear that the title and the speaker were a great fit.  On February 5, Dr. Russell Barkley, foremost authority on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), spoke about promoti…

Working With Your Developing Reader at Home

SHEMESH Parent: My child gets very frustrated when reading with me, maybe he is tired but I want to practice with him in the most effective manner.  What would be the best way to practice every night without him getting frustrated?

SHEMESH Reading Intervention Provider: I have a 1st grader…

ADHD Books by Dr. Russell Barkley

The following books will be for sale at a discounted price at our Dr. Russell Barkley Parent Lecture event on February 5th:


 Click here for an online review of this book.

 Click here for an online review of this book.