Professional Development

What We Do


Plan and implement professional  development for partner schools to meet their specific needs

Provide instructional coaching and ongoing support of general and special educators using research-based methodologies and best practice in special education

In partnership with Hidden Sparks, facilitate the training and mentoring of teacher coaches in schools

Offer parent workshops about a range of disabilities designed to increase understanding and use of practical strategies at home

SHEMESH in Action


SHEMESH has a strong commitment to professional development. Several times a year we offer parent and/or teacher workshops.  This year in February, in honor of Jewish Disabilities Awareness Month, we scheduled a viewing of a video about dyslexia called The Big Picture.  The video was followed by a parent panel and discussion.  We felt that we had a positive impact on the families and students who attended but we had no idea how profound that impact was until we heard from a parent a few days later. “Now I understand my child’s disability. I didn’t realize he could make something of himself until I saw the movie and heard from doctors, lawyers and even a politician with dyslexia about overcoming their challenges.  It completely changed the way I view my son.  Instead of feeling disappointed I have hope for the future.  With support from the SHEMESH learning center and encouragement from his family….he can achieve his goals! I hope that other families get to see this video too, so that it can affect them in the same way!  Thank you SHEMESH!”

Hidden Sparks 2015


SHEMESH is a proud partner of Hidden Sparks, a nonprofit whose purpose is to help children with learning differences reach their full potential in school and life. Hidden Sparks develops and supports professional development programs for Jewish day schools to help increase understanding and support for teaching to diverse learners.





Quotes from Past Participants


"I am so happy I took the opportunity to participate in such an enriching journey with a group of such talented professionals!"


“I have gained so much from this course. I wish I had learned this 20 years ago!”


“The casual, yet structured, environment that you created was absolutely inspiring!  Thank you so much.”


“One of the ‘extras’ of this course is hearing everyone’s strategies!  Nothing can compare with the ‘been there’ advice.”