Early Childhood Special Education

What We Do


Support teachers and students in preschool and kindergarten in the areas of classroom management and behavior, social skills and academic readiness.

Conduct teacher and parent education workshops about behavior management and social skills and strategies for success.

Available to consult one-on-one with parents and provides resources and information regarding typical development in children; responds to questions parents may have about the implications of a deficit in any of the skill areas.

Available to attend IEP meetings upon parent and/or school request, review results of testing and ensure the implementation of professional recommendations.

SHEMESH in Action 


Shimon’s parents weren’t sure what to do when it became clear that he was struggling at school. He was always an active child with a great deal of anxiety.  Not only that but he was having a really hard time learning his letters and numbers.  Being at a big school with more than twenty boys in his nursery classroom was a terrific challenge and he wasn’t doing well at all.  The preschool director contacted the SHEMESH early childhood educator who came in, met with Shimon and did some observations. She got in touch with his parents, shared her recommendations and made a referral for further testing.  She collaborated with his teachers to design and implement a behavior plan.  She visited his classroom weekly for a period of two months to ensure that Shimon was getting the support he needed to be successful. Now two years later, Shimon is getting ready to go to first grade.  His behavior has improved, he is benefitting from special education services in the learning center and he is socializing appropriately with his peers. Thanks to SHEMESH his parents see a bright future ahead of him.