Executive Function Coaching

What We Do


Develop and implement intervention plans for students with executive function disorder who have difficulties with organization and time and materials management.

Conduct teacher and parent education workshops about executive functioning and strategies for success.  

SHEMESH in Action


Tamar was a mess. She couldn’t keep track of her room assignments let alone figure out which notebooks to bring in for which classes. It was only the first week of Middle School and Tamar was already assigned detention.  Something needed to be done and fast.  A school administrator knew that Tamar was an intelligent student who just couldn’t seem to get it together and called SHEMESH’s executive function coach.  She met with Tamar, assessed the situation and together with Tamar parents and teachers designed a system of checklists and rewards that would keep Tamar organized and motivated.  By the end of the second term, Tamar was getting to class on time, turning in her assignments and keeping track of her tests and quizzes.  A bright student, Tamar was finally getting the grades she deserved!