For the past year and half, SHEMESH has been working with teachers and administrators in a few of our community’s day schools on a program called PATH. PATH is based on the PAX GOOD BEHAVIOR GAME, which has been implemented in classrooms worldwide. The name of the program has been adapted to meet our Jewish cultural values, with the goal of teaching our children how to follow the TORAH PATH.

This program is unique because it is not a curriculum that is taught to the students, but is a combination of scientifically proven best practices to be used in the classroom. When teachers implement the PATH KERNELS, it helps create a safe, nurturing environment that fosters self-regulation and co-regulation. There is a focus on kindness and positive behavior, while also teaching the students how to put the brakes on behavior that is unwanted in that particular context.

SHEMESH PATH PARTNERS train teachers, model in the classrooms, provide consultation, and problem-solve with teachers to help them implement PATH with efficacy and to see desired results. As SHEMESH expands the program to more classrooms, the effects multiply. The PATH language can be heard around the school, and assistants and administrators can use PATH in the many classrooms that they walk in and out of each day.

SHEMESH hopes to bring PATH to more and more classrooms and make a difference in the lives of many more children.

Shared by Michal Tessler, PATH Partner and SHEMESH Consultant